Ali’s Wedding- a young person’s review

I enjoyed this movie.

Ali’s father really wants him to be a doctor. The only thing he talks to Ali about is about Ali’s medical exam. But when Ali takes the exam he fails. But instead of admitting it to his family and the rest of his mosque he claims that he has passed the exam and came out with the best score out of his whole mosque except for Dianne. Unfortunately Dianne is not congratulated in her mosque and her father does not want her to go to medical school. After persuading Dianne’s father to let her go to medical school Ali goes to medical school with a fake certificate.  Ali’s parents want him to get a arranged marriage to continue his cultural traditions. But Ali does not want to marry the woman that they have chosen for him he wants to marry the Australian-born Lebanese woman Dianne. The story continues from here.

I’d rate this movie 4/5 stars.

It was hilarious and allowed us to see inside a different culture. The more we see of this culture the more real and heart-felt our acceptance of Australian Muslims will be. I would recommend going to see this movie.

This movie was rated M which I didn’t really understand why. It did have a bit of swearing in it though. Younger children will not be interested in the romance.  The romantic bits weren’t too yucky or too frequent, though. I’m okay with a bit of swearing, so for me it would be appropriate for 12 year olds and older.












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