The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug- a young person’s review

This movie is the second part of the Hobbit trilogy. Like I explained in my previous review for an Unexpected Journey it was based of J.R.R Tolkien’s book ‘The Hobbit’.

In this movie we see Bilbo and the dwarves journey up to the lonely mountain to find the hidden door.

My favourite scene in this movie is the barrel fight. It happens as they are trying to escape the elves’ dungeon. In this movie some new characters are introduced to the trilogy such as the people of Lake Town and some woodland elves.

One things I had noticed while watching this movie were that all the creatures have a good and a bad side (except the orcs) which is very true and relistic not like some movies where only the good side of the main characters is shown.

I loved Martin Freeman’s performance as Bilbo Baggins. He was very convincing as the kind, slightly awkward, hobbit. On top of that all the actor’s did very well. I like the intensity of the dwarves’ performances.

Once again it is really hard to put an age guidance on this movie. It really depends on how mature your kid is. There is a lot of violence and a lot of scary scenes but I loved the storyline so much that I was ok with it. I would rate this 5/5.


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