Wonder Woman (2017) – a young person’s review

I enjoyed Wonder Woman, but I found it a bit scary.

The movie starts off on an island inhabited by the Amazons.  The Amazons are led by Diana’s mother.  Diana is the main character of this film.

When Diana finds out about World War I (WWI) she is convinced that Aries (the god of war) is responsible for the slaughter.  This film is about what happens when she goes to the Front to destroy Aries.

It is hard to put an age recommendation on this movie.  It was scary.  It was set in WWI, so there is a lot of fighting and gore.  I don’t think it was suitable for younger people.  It depends on how mature your kid is, but I would say that it is probably alright for 13 year-olds.

Some of the things I liked about this movie included the strong female characters.  The fighting and training scenes at the beginning with the Amazons were enjoyable.  The Amazons had muscles and were not built like typical Hollywood ladies.  They were skilled at fighting.  I also enjoyed Lucy Davis playing Etta the secretary.  I thought she was very funny.

I did not like the love scenes.  It was a tiny bit long.

Overall, I rate this movie 4/5.


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